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2020-08-13 02:17:40

What we know and what we don't about CBD oil

CBD oil is a non-psychoactive version of THC, the main psychoactive component in marijuana. CBD is also a potent antioxidant, which helps your body repair damage caused by free radicals. It is among the handful of naturally occurring substances known to effectively treat multiple sclerosis. In addition to relieving symptoms associated with MS, it has also been shown to slow the progression of this disease. If you have suffered from MS, you are certainly familiar with its debilitating effects.

Cannabidiol is an unperceived phytocannabinoid found on It accounts for around 40% of all the plant's medicinal extract and is one of only a handful of known cannabinoids in marijuana plants. While much has been written about how this compound can relieve many of the side effects associated with conventional medications like Riluzole (Dimenzole) and Neurontin (Neurontin SR), it remains largely unknown how it works in relieving certain symptoms associated with MS.

CBD is believed to act as an antipsychotic by reducing the effects of dopamine on the brain, which is also a central nervous system stimulant. Additionally, it has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve motor functions.

Even though medicinal marijuana is legal in a majority of states in the US, it remains illegal under federal law. With the passage of the Marihuana Tax Act in 1970, marijuana possession was made a felony and subject to a maximum penalty of two years imprisonment and a hefty fine. While there are currently more studies being conducted that support the use of CBD for treatment of some diseases, there is still no medical evidence to suggest that it is a beneficial medication.

Despite the fact that there is no proven medical use for this substance, many medical marijuana advocates are not in favor of its criminalization. They argue that because marijuana has been illegal for so long, there are fewer researchers willing to conduct research on its health effects on human beings. Because of this, marijuana may very well be the most dangerous drug that people consume today.

In short, CBD oil on these new pages from the Gold Bee is not exactly like any other drug out there. However, it may very well help ease some of your symptoms as well as provide relief for those that suffer with MS.

Although it is still illegal under federal law, many states have already legalized the medicinal use of medical marijuana and many more are expected to follow suit. If you are looking for alternatives to traditional medication, CBD oil may very well be one of the best ways to go.

Currently, clinical trials are being conducted to test the effects of CBD on people who are diagnosed with MS. In the meantime, there are a variety of products available over the internet that claim to treat a variety of different ailments such as pain, nausea, vomiting, seizures, anxiety and depression. In the meantime, it is important to research the potential benefits of CBD oil and find the product that is right for your specific symptoms.

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