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How to find the best Arabic Subtitling present in the industry?

How Arabic Subtitling Services suits all the projects?

In the media industry, there are different projects which require subtitling services so that the piece of the media can be presented all over the world in different languages as well. Subtitling generally required there is an audience with high hearing and thus to cater to the need of that audience who are equally important to the maker of the media, this service is required. The Arabic subtitling services are widely in use in different nations who produce different media pieces in Arabian languages. There are various other languages across the globe which might also be translated in Arabian language and then the subtitling is done to cater to the need of the nation.

What is Arabic subtitling service?

Arabic subtitling service is the process of documenting or writing the spoken words in a media file into a text format and then to embed the same on to the media file again for the people who are either unable to understand the spoken language or have hearing aid etc . Though this is a general form of subtitling, the Arabic subtitling service is nothing but subtitling in the Arabic language. It may be a piece of media in the same language, or it can be any language which first needs to be translated and then it will embed in the media file in a text format.

What is Arabic captioning?

Most of the time, people confuse subtitling with captioning and there is also reason to do the same. Since captioning is a broader version of subtitling and what we often see on the TV screen are subtitles, we related it the most. Captioning is comprised of all the sounds that are there in the media file whether it is a spoken dialogue or a dog barking in the background, everything is captured by the captioning expert and then the complete sounds with the effects are embedded to the media file whereas the subtitling process only include the words and the dialogues which are spoken by the people in the media file. The fine line of the difference between Arabic captioning and subtitling is really confusing and thus when you are searching for the right company to do your subtitling work, you need to be very sure whether you are actually in need of subtitling or the captioning and whether you can make them understand what you want or not .

Steps to find Arabic subtitling company

  • Accuracy: The first and foremost thing that you need to check in an Arabic subtitling company is that whether they provide an accurate work or not. Two main things in subtitling are the accuracy of the text according to the media file and the timing of synchronization.

  • Confidentiality: The information you are sharing needs to be completely confidential to the company you are hiring; they cannot share it with any third party.

  • Timeliness: The TAT has to be strictly followed.

  • Pricing: The Arabic subtitling company should charge competitive pricing. You should always compare.

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