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PMP Question.6 Strategic Purpose

You are responsible for managing a project that deals with laying out a freeway connecting two major port cities.

Progress on the project has been smooth
and you and your team are very confident on completing the project well
within the stipulated timelines.

On reviewing you see that the project has also run below the budget resulting in savings.

You decide to add an extra feature of reflector strips on the road every mile.

You do a quick calculation and are satisfied that neither budget nor schedule will slip.

You feel that by adding these extra features you could also bag some future projects as well.

This is an example of :

A. Scope Creep
B. Gold Plating
C. Integrated Change Control
D. Fast Tracking

stipulated 약정한
run below the budget 예산 아래로 진행되다
resulting in savings 절감
reflector strips 반사띠
do a calculation 계산하다
schedule slips 스켸줄이 어긋나다.
bag some future projects
gold plating 금도금 (신조어) 대규모 예산이나 집세의 대폭 인상을 정당화하기 위해 시공이나 리노베이션 작업에 불필요한 고가의 품목들을 포함하는 행위
compression 압축,압착
interference 간섭, 참견, 개입, 방해
knowingly (사정 등을) 다 알고도, 고의로

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  • sonsangil
    2013-11-26 11:28:48.0
    B is the correct answer.

    This is an example of Gold Plating.

    Integrated change control deals with formally approving or rejecting changes
    before they are implemented so it is not the correct answer.

    Fast tracking is a schedule compression technique - so it too is not the correct answer.

    While Scope Creep is related to change in scope
    it is related to uncontrolled changes in product or projects scope
    and is often due to client interference.

    Gold plating is done intentionally or knowingly for some strategic purpose.
    Here the manager believes that by adding the extra features future projects could be bagged.
  • gikimiad
    2013-11-26 13:22:17.0
    마스터쉐프코리아가 생각나요. 플레이팅을 잘해 먹기 좋게 만들어서, 고객을 만족시키자는 전략! 중요하죠.
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