2022-01-15 17:00:10

Learning Kubernetes (+a bit of Docker) in English, Starting 22th of January (Every Saturday)

Hello! Hope you have had a great day and successfully worked on New Year's Resolution so far. 

As a lot of companies started to realize the benefits of introducing MSA at production level which dispenses with all the dependency matters, Kubernetes has been on the rise as it's cost effective and well-suited for the climate against Ops-heavy work. The following is a short description of the study.

This study: 

- is not for monetary gain or anything - just study group for those passionate for and willing to become a tech-savvy.

- will cover Kubernetes from scratch, optionally referencing a book or some lectures but not necessarily. 

- asks you to stick to English language.

- expects you to have some knowledge over containerization, but this is not a requirement(we will cover Docker a little bit). 

Hope you find this interesting, and if you do, please send me a message via the link below.


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