2021-09-07 09:17:13

[데이콘] 우승자 인터뷰 #16

2차 대회 2위 수상자인 Bellagio님 인터뷰를 공유합니다.

우승자 인터뷰 보러가기

Congratulations to the winner prizes. Please award speech.

 Thank you so much Dacon team for hosting such a great competition.
I enjoyed my time working on this problem statement and feel so proud that I was able to end up in the 2nd place and little bit of impact, value it might add to the business.
I would like to continue participating in more and more of these great competitions that Dacon is planning to host and hopefully let's see if I can end up in the top :)


What are some of the reasons you are interested in data science?

I work as a data scientist and my day job includes playing with data most of the time.
Other than my work time, I enjoy competing in Machine Learning competitions online.
I have participated in more than 100 competitions in the past few years
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