2021-07-17 03:40:57

개발자로 제일 빡칠 때

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  • kenu
    2021-07-17 03:56:54

    ç The Extreme Life of Developer
    * When I’m the only one who doesn’t know the requirements have changed
    * The modification doesn’t work, but it turns out it was a different file.
    * When I modified the exact file and it didn’t work; don’t save it
    * When I thought hard about it, but I didn’t use it for my current job.
    * When I found out that a bad team member had a higher salary than me,
    * It was hard to google, but when the new version came out,
    * I didn’t save what I worked on, but when the program went down,
    * I fixed the bug. “Why did I change it?” When the user is angry, said to me. #BugIsTheFunction.
    * When I got an open-source push on the git, I got an awskey on the e-mail.
    * Every other colleague can, but only in my place.
    * Git Pull, but when you keep crashing only in my pc.
    * I worked all night, and the next morning, when the team leader told me I didn’t have to do it. One of their team members said to my team leader “Sorry, we don’t need it in our team” just said that 25 minutes ago. (edited) 

  • 최현일
    2021-07-17 05:51:14 작성 2021-07-17 05:51:58 수정됨

    혼자 만들면, 그냥 커밋, 푸시, 커밋, 푸시...

    재미있게 보고 가네요~. 

  • 치킨과코크
    2021-07-18 23:54:26
    아 이거 정말 공감이 많이가네요...
  • David (클라우드인력 구인난)
    2021-07-30 19:50:38


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